Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kids Book in Doha: Can You Count to A Googol?

It's not a typo - its GOOGOL, not GOOGLE. ;) So, Can You Count to a Googol? (Robert E. Wells Science) ?

Another Robert Wells book that we adore as much as  What's Faster Than a Speeding Cheetah?

Kylie really liked the book. She said, "How Can You Count to a Googol is a very clever book. "  It shows Kylie the different magnitude of numbers by 10s until Googol!

She tells me now that she loves me 100 million Googol! Makes a mommy's heart melt. ;)

Anyway, back to book:

You may be able to count all the way to one hundred, but have you ever counted to a googol? It's impossible! In this fun book of numbers, Robert E. Wells explores the wonderful world of zeros and tells how the googol came to be named.

This sure beats counting 1-100 for Year 1. Another reason why we love books a lot. It opens our eyes to new way at looking things, even as trivial as counting (hey, this is not trivial, is it?)

Let's teach Kerim how to count until Googol soon. Awesome!

Keep reading!

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