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Exploring Doha: Public Parks in Doha

Exploring Doha - Public Parks in Doha!

Okay, it's that time of the year in this part of the world to be always outside enjoying the very lovely weather. And if you have kids like us, park is usually the top place to hang out. (Yeah, gone are the days of chilling in the coffee houses thinking about the future - our future is NOW!)

And as much as we want to visit lots of places and parks in Doha, there's not much choices. So, we list here our favorite parks to visit especially this time of the year before it gets sizzling hot!

1. ASPIRE PARK. This tops the list way above others. Since the new year, we always hang out every Saturday to bum around, make fun of each other, run (or pretend to run), to eat (and eat a lot we do!), to read books for our Doha Explorers Book Club for Kids, to enjoy with our bikes, to play soccer with kids and even to chase ducks! The cafe in the middle of the park maybe way too overpriced - yes,  QR8 for a hot chocolate is way too much for us. But since Villagio and Hyatt Plaza is way too close, we can always take away some food and eat at the park. Told you we do eat a lot!

2. Corniche Sheraton Park. The park is newly renovated and is really a hit with the kids with its awesome playground. Except during weekends, where it could get extremely crowded, it is a great alternative to Aspire Park when congestion maybe heavy in that part of town.

Sheraton Park Corniche!

3. Doha Zoo.  The QR5  for adults and QR2 for kids entrance fee is really worth it. Okay, the animals look haggard and dying (some of them!) but  others are fat and well-fed like the zebras; others are newly imported - like the bear (a new attraction when we last visited two weeks ago!) and others are always absent like the VIP elephant which shows up never, I think except when its too crowded to actually enjoy viewing the elephant.

If not for the animals, their playground is really great fun. The kids could enjoy for a long time but come early before it gets to crowded. There are lots of great playground facility which can never be found in most Doha parks.

4. Al Bidda Park in Corniche. Whenever we feel way too lazy to drive all the way to Sheraton Park, we go to Al Bidda Park. Serves the purpose of keeping the kids burn their excessive energy.

This is just in front of Al Bidda Park - great to teach small kids how to read THINK! Or apply the lesson - THINK! 

5. Dahl Al Hamam Family Park (close to Landmark Mall) - This park is huge, two playgrounds and a big bike or picnic area. We haven't been here a while but we certainly want to go there again before the summer begins this year!

Oh looks - our kids one year younger ! Oh how time flies! 

Times spent in park with kids are truly great blessings. While the kids play, Mommy and Daddy spent quality time chatting about life and love. WEEEE! That is, if the kids are having a particularly good day feeling independent explorers. Otherwise, we will all spent the time running around after the kids! OH JOY!

Keep exploring!

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