Friday, February 3, 2012

February is Here! Off we go to The Red Velvet Cupcakery

Woohooo! February is here! And the Turknoys are so excited!

 So we started our February with our Valentine's Day books wish list ,of course! Other than that, what a better way to kick off the month by indulging in a very delectable desert. So off we went to Katara Village to visit The Red Velvet Cupcakery!

And oh boy, did we indulge! And to think that it's QR18 per cupcake (roughly 4.5USD - we tried the four types of cupcakes just to try what the hype is all about. And after all it was the 1st of February! What a way to welcome the month of love!

we just love the red thing going on here! Red is our family's favorite color! 

all red ceiling and the counter is really elegantly red - what a great hang out place! 

ready to get sugar high!!

the Turk is not happy about the crazy prices!! 

from the cupcakery description: Chocolate chips blended into this chocolate buttermilk cake makes for a decadent base for our creamy, not-too-sweet, not-too-salty peanut butter topping!

from their description (which we think is overrated!!) -Cookies n Cream pieces blended into our chocolate buttermilk cake, topped with a creamy American buttercream and garnished with more cookies.
DEVIL'S CAKE: Okay, so there's an edible 24-K gold - that's weird; anyhow, this is too sweet for our taste:
Their description: A rick chocolate buttermilk cake topped with a Valrhona bittersweet chocolate ganache and garnished with 24K gold leave. A favorite among chocolate lovers!
(hey wait, we are chocolate lovers but we really didn't find this addictive at all!)

HAZELNUT CAFE: We didn't really taste the hazelnut flavor and here and Turks are really known for their hazeulnut! 

About to eat some 24-K leaf gold!  

Another Turknoy not impressed! hhmm, can we go somewhere else!

The hot chocolate is NOT good and the tea is way too ordinary! BOO!!

Would we be coming back here? Well, if we are really desperate for some peanut butter good taste- yes!

But it was a great family date to kick off the LOVE MONTH! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Happy February!

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