Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Exploring Doha: New Parks in Aspire

The weather is changing, the heat is upon us! But before that, there is still time left for some great fun in the parks. There's the newly opened MIA Park and the fabulous park in Doha Zoo.

And, big hooray for the new parks in Aspire. This one is just behind the coffee shop close to the fountain.

A perfect place to leave kids so that they can used up all their energy!

There is also second new park just in front of the Grand Heritage Hotel Doha. We just love parks, especially the new ones - awesome equipment, clean and fun!

HURRY! Go to these parks and enjoy! Before it gets too hot!

went to park today despite the windy weather! 

-7-ft climb on: simply awesome!

just look at the happiness on the kids faces - priceless! 
my cheeky money hanging on money bar! 

Keep exploring!

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