Wednesday, February 15, 2012


AZKALS IN DOHA! We did watch them and had lots of fun. After all, we were gearing up for the SPORTS IS LIFE attitude since Qatar is so conducive to this with the Qatar National Sports Day and other event s going on in the country (Hello, Qatar 2022!)

ready for the Azkals game in Doha! x

It was the first for all of us to watch a football match. For the husband, it was his first time to witness how passionate Filipinos are when it comes to BASKETBALL! (Damn right, basketball it is - imagine the crowd cheering "travelling" and DEFENSE! among other basket ball terms! - LOL!)

we support AZKALS all the way! HOORAAAH

But I suppose it's a good start for Philippine Football. AZKALS won 3-1! Could have been more if the players didn't aim for the basket instead of the goalie (our not-so private joke during the game- haha!) The husband was surprised the Pinoy team actually won. And NOW he believes that the team would actually create another market for the game. And that there's going to be a rematch next year! YAY!

Kylie definitely enjoyed her first football match; Kerim enjoyed eating during the game (well, we all did.) He did enjoy cheering with the crowd.

Kylie: I like No. 12, he's cute! OH BOY!

TATA Charissa definitely had her eyes on NO. 12. Phil, I suppose. Never mind the football, just the pretty face! Oh boy!

By the time the football grow so much popularity, here's us hoping that Kerim would be one of those Pinoy football player with the pretty face.

Start kicking, our Kerimpot! Woohoo!

Kerim won a face towel from PHIL! WOOHOO! Lucky catch!

For all of us, it was a perfect night to enjoy our first football match, - perfect companions, perfect weather, perfect score, perfect team!

the Turknoys and their nannies - love it!

We are looking forward to more games in the future.


Keep exploring!

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