Sunday, January 29, 2012

Recommended Valentine's Day Books for Kids!

Yes - already! Recommended Valentine's Day Books for Kids!

The month of love is here! Happy Valentine's Day!

Another opportunity to learn about a great world wide occasion, albeit so commercialized. We're thinking of some activities for Valentine's Day. We will definitely share some of our activities here but for the mean time, if you wish to read to your little ones, here are some book collections for kids during this love occasion.

1. Happy Valentine's Curious George - for precious girls and boys without the yucky feeling towards Valentine's Day - why not feel be enjoy the mischief of this cute monkey?

2.  Fancy Nancy - Heart to Heart.

Almost everything about Valentine's Day is fancy, especially with Fancy Nancy. Our personal favorite fancy little lady. A MUST GET BOOK this Valentine's Day!

The last three books are recommended however, we don't have that strong opinion about the books just yet.

3. The Story of Valentine's Day

4. The Night Before the Valentine's Day

5.  The Biggest Valentine Ever

How we wish we could read all these books in preparation for the V-day! We'll see what we could check out from the libraries or iPad applications.

Let us know if you have copies of these books and how you find them - can we please borrow?

Happy Valentine's Day!

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