Thursday, January 20, 2011


The year 2010 is a “settling” year for us. It was indeed a fabulous year that 20 days of year 2011 have passed already and I can’t move on.
To be nostalgic about it, on top of my head are the big milestones of  2010.
During the 1st quarter,  I was officially appointed as “head” of something  at work other than being “head” of the Calvelo family. It didn’t matter much as I am still going be to doing the same tasks at work but being able to give your business cards to colleagues with that designation gives me that smirk in my usually subdued face.
Last days of 2nd quarter  was the  amazing “second” honeymoon in Palawan, Philippines. Although we promised that we are going to set aside 4-5 days of romantic get-away annually, this is one for the books to beat. Do I dare give you juicy details – I suppose not! Oooh Palawan!
the Big Lagoon El Nido, Palawan
taken at the clubhouse greenwoods

Third quarter is the challenging, arduous , demanding, grueling, strenuous and very tiring (you get the point!) yet rewarding days of no grandmother to take care of the kids while we were at work. UUGGHH! It was a circus of finding nannies and nurseries. The BIG plus is that we were living in Qatar wherein there ‘s shortened work hours during Ramadan, hence we were able to spend  lots of quality time with kids, albeit scorching temperature of 50-55 deg Celsius. Lessons from Summer of 2010 will always be remembered fondly.
the best promotion ever - nanny to the kids ;)

And of course, still fresh from our minds, the  holidays of December for the 4th quarter. We were able to present the kids to Cihangir’s side of the family, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins and friends. The Turknoys are a big hit in Turkey (duh?!)
first exclusive family adventure in Pamukkale, Denizli Turkey

For 2010, we have thrown our very first parties for the kids. Kylie's 4th Birthday at Chilli's and Kerim's 1st Birthday at a Chinese Restaurant - Wok of Fame, both in Doha! We celebrated the children's milestones with our family here. Expat  living couldn't get better than that. 
Kylie's 4th Birthday - her first birthday spent with us in Doha together as family.

Kerim's First Birthday with our Doha Family

All in all – a real awesome year indeed. A tough one to beat that the first quarter of year 2011 will be going to be restless months. 

All energized and hyped of the new year we are NOT. Let’s see - maybe for the Chinese New Year.

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