Monday, January 24, 2011


I traveled thousands of miles, lived and worked far from loved ones,  found my happily ever after with a man of foreign background but  only experienced a perfect bliss in El Nido, Palawan.

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Last year marked our 2nd wedding anniversary and the  getaway we had in El Nido Palawan is beyond awesome!
My Turkish husband is used to breathtaking views; I must admit Turkey is a really beautiful country. The well known four seas surrounding the country  is a popular bucket list item among travelers.: the Black Sea , Aegean Sea and the Sea or Marmara, and Mediterranean Sea. The romantic Bosphorus  Strait is to die for. I was taken aback by these views during our honeymoon.
All seemed to have been forgotten when we landed on the island of  El Nido, Palawan. My husband (and I completely agree) thinks that it is the most beautiful island we’ve ever been.
We were welcomed by the native Palawenos with the Oh Palawan song, were given a VIP treatment   a.k.a. Filipino hospitality and were treated by a wide range of activities in the island. We were in paradise for three days!  A well deserved treat for an OFW like me and a memorable and remarkable vacation for a tourist/ expat like my husband. Not to mention the quality time we spent with each other was the most romantic we had so far. The time spent away with the kids was all worth the while. Mommy and Daddy came back refreshed and recharged. SULIT vacation in every aspect!
Almost a year later, we are still singing Ohhh Palawan to each other when life gets stressful with work , kids and life issues.

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