Monday, January 17, 2011

Guwapo Pinoys of Our Lives

Meet the Guwapo (Handsome) Pinoys who are bound to influence the Turknoys. =)

This is Tito Enad Boy, my youngest brother.  He may tell you that his name is Raynard but he will be always Boy to us. He's a Mama's Boy who loves our Mama a lot (duh!). Right now, he is living with us in Doha loving life in the desert. He makes things easier for all us without any help in the house at all. Kerim's favorite Uncle. ;)

In the future, he will make a really good husband, Takusa galore for sure.. Now, if only he stops his disgusting habit of smoking behind our backs.

the Tito Boy and Turknoy (and no - they don't look alike, mmp) 

Si Tito Boy at si Turknay (nope - they don't look alike also!)

Dada Raymond or simply Dada is Mommy's first little brother. He is balding - oh no! But he is a really good cook when he wants to. The Drama Prince in the family, he is terribly missing his family back home. Although, I personally feel real glad that he is here in the Gulf far from vices and peers. He tends to overdo those things. I know that he is working towards fully supporting his family back home and I hope that he gets to accomplish that sooner or later.

Typical Pinoys, eh? You be the judged. What we know for sure is life in Doha will be terribly difficult without them. My mom feels that way too back home.

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