Friday, January 28, 2011

Photo Story Friday: WELKOME BACK AYISH!

That brief moment of peace, kids waking up at the right side of the bed is a good indication of a great day.

no fights, no screaming just plain good morning!

We picked up their Tita (Aunt) today from the airport. She came back from her annual vacation in the Philippines. The kids obviously missed her a lot.

Kerim ready for his rose for her Aunt Ayish!
Kylie ate the sandwich - got tired of waiting

Unclue Raynard brought flowers for his little sister!

and there she is!
Running to Ayish with a LOUD shriek! Priceless!

Thats WELKOME with a K - Kerim and Kylie style!

Hosted by Cecily and Lolli


  1. A much beloved aunt! Very cute!

  2. @ cat - beloved indeed ;)

    @lolli - real happiness..

  3. There's just nothing like loves from a favorite aunt.

    And OH, how I agree with you on the whole "right side of the bed" thing. It makes the day MUCH easier!! :)

  4. thanks for the nod, cecily! how i wish everyday is right side of the bed. ;)

  5. Love the little princess eating a sandwich shot, too cute!

  6. thank you carrie... she totally adores that crown! ;)


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