Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dining Out in Doha: Authentic Ottoman Food

TGIF! It's turning out to be a dining out Friday blog but my original intention is to force myself together with my family to try something new every Friday instead of bumming around at home. Friday is off for almost everyone here in Doha. It's like Sunday in the other part of the world.

Hoops, but I think this could count as a non-dining First Time for our dearest Kerim: 30-second-monkey-bar! I suppose this qualifies him as a toddler at 17th month. We went to burn some calories at the park before pigging out.

he stayed hanging like this for 30 seconds or so..

Kylie joined him! Oh so cute

I'll think of a more creative first-time things to do in Doha on a Friday in the next entries. This Friday, similar to last (SUSHI) , is focused on food and dining out.  Off we went to Katara, Doha's Cultural Village to try out the one and only (according to my husband) authentic Turkish restaurant - based from Ottoman dishes.

one of the prominent restaurant in the Cultural Village

The ambiance feels like Ottoman empire-y! Long Live Sultan!

A little bit of everything - mezze, pide, kofta, pie, liver, YUMM

I find the restaurant posh, value for money is high and service superb! It really did taste like Turkish dishes. I enjoyed exposing Ayish and Raynard to the new tastes and the idea of not eating rice, they still find it unacceptable but it was worth the try. Of course, Kylie and Kerim devoured the meal like any other.

Tita Ayish and Kylie
My main dish

Dessert - yummmmm

Cihangir is on second shift at work and second to normal, he's not with us. (I should stop noting this in blogs as it is pretty obvious but we'll try our best to work out our first time Friday event with him.)

Have you done (eat, drink, tried) something for the first time lately?

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