Sunday, January 30, 2011

Non Frequent Flyer!

What a way to start my work week. This morning, I received the news that I've been downgraded for two years in row!  As much as it sucks, I loved how they have broken the news to me – it’s too gentle, diplomatic and encouraging. Don’t you think so?
Dear Miss Calvelo,
Change of Membership Status,
As a valued Privilege Club member, we are writing to advise you of a change in your membership status. As you have not accumulated sufficient Qpoints over the last year, unfortunately, we will not be able to renew your Silver membership.
However, we are pleased to renew your membership at our Burgundy level.
As Burgundy member, you can still enjoy exclusive Privilege Club benefirs:
·         Extra baggage allowance – 10 kgs
·         Last minute rewards for a nominal fee
·         Family programme  - family members earn 50% of the Qmiles
·         Claim an award seat for anyone – friends, colleagues or family members
We hope you continue to enjoy the many rewards of Privilege Club, In order to re-qualify for Silver membership you wil l need to earn 150Qpoints during the current calendar year.
Thank you for continuing to fly with Qatar Airways and we look forward to welcoming you on board soon.
Yours sincerely,
Manager Loyalty
Qatar Airways,

In First Class, baby!
In Business Class!

In a very polite manner they managed to rub it in my face that (A) I was a complete loser for not travelling to accumulate the required Qpoints or (B) I am a disloyal stupid customer for not realizing the benefits of an exclusive Privilege Club and not using their airways for my travel requirements.
I am (A) by the way.  For the past two years, my travel is limited to going back and forth Philippines and very recently, to and fro the second home, Turkey. How I miss the years when I get to fly frequently in the year and flying first class at that. I refuse to believe that my travelling days are over!
I believe that with my family, we are yet to see a lot of amazing places in the world. Since we got back from Turkey, my mind has been preoccupied with lots of new places to visit.
So here’s sending to the universe my heart’s desire to travel this year and the succeeding years. I hope my subconscious work double time. 

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