Friday, January 7, 2011

At First Were Two Pinays!

Pinay is a colloquial term for a female originally from Philippines, a Filipina. And I am a proud Pinay! - always have been. There are way too many positive traits of Pinays or Pinoys (as a generic term.) My race is friendly and hospitable even beyond our own capacity to be such - which I think is extremely positive.

Prominently Catholic-country, our lifestyles are greatly influenced by religion governed highly by God's ten commandments. Modern or traditional Pinays are dedicated to any relationships, relationship to God, relationship to family, relationship to friends and relationships to male partners. Which makes me wonder why I heard and experienced relationships turned sour primarily caused by a cheating and philandering male-Pinoy partner.

Pinoy men, I believe, and it is my opinion only, have been pampered a lot by us, Pinay,  and they were led to believe that they can get any Pinay, marry them, make them the bread winner or head of the family while they sit on their bums, impregnate them, cheat on them and leave them anytime they want. Excuse the bitterness, I am speaking from experience.

I was a victim but the most amazing thing has happened to me - my very own baby Pinay, my daughter. But thanks God, I was brave enough to start another life in a different country where we started to build a family.

Me and my daughter will always be Pinays at heart. I just sincerely pray that my daughter will be smarter than me and not be deceived by Pinoys.

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