Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ready, Ready, Ready....

I really need to snap out of it and actually be ready to aim and fire.  Or better yet to keep on firing and aiming for continual or drastic improvement.

Oh just read that - I didn't mean to be so cryptic but I need to practice blogging again. This is  a public blog - missing the carefree days of  Multiply Account.

Here's writing whatever comes to mind, just to gain momentum:

FOOD: Since we got back from Istanbul, me and husband have been trying to adapt the healthy eating habits for us and the kids. Oh boy it is difficult! We got successful at almost half the meals we tried so far. Buying canned organic soups should count for me, right?

My salmon was a hit -it is a Turkish recipe and I felt that it was Caroline-proof for mistakes. So I tried it. Baked salmon - what more could be healthier.. and delicious too.

this is how it looked before oven and spices

with garlic and lemon prepared by my Sous chef - Raynard ;) 

after 20 minutes in the oven

Although, I have no idea why the garlic turned bluish green.. yikes!

I thought about Salmon at Chilis, my brother ordered the last time we ate there last week, it costs 82QR or roughly 22USD. The meal only costs 55QR or 15 USD for a kilo of salmon. Looks like we'll be eating this every week.

Half way through the oven time, my husband arrived from work and reminded me that for every inch thick of fish, it should stay in the oven for 5 minutes. He was a bit scared that I would under cook the fish and turn it to sushi, which happens to be my favorite dish. Funny husband! New tidbit for me though.

Speaking of my husband and his cooking skills, he has been cooking a  lot lately. He created a blog as well to showcase Turkish dishes and really loving all these dishes that I gained kilo(s) already. UUGGHH

Just take a look at these photos:

Hungry yet? Treat this as a sneak peak. Will be linking his blog when he actually tell me the blog site.

CRIMINAL MINDS: Since I refuse to my vacation bubble to burst, I found some quality ME time by sedating the kids to sleep (kidding!) and watching Criminal Minds series from Season 4 to Season 6. I think Thomas Gibson is so hot! But I never look at him this way when he was in Darma and Greg. Oh yum!

MOM BLOG: I created this blog last week and actually started a number of blogs. This blog is listed in

READY. FIRE. AIM - And off  I go. So come and follow me. *winks*

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  1. Yey! Another blog to follow. I've always enjoyed reading your adventures =). By the way your salmon looks good--I love salmon. I feel bad that I'm currently deprived of salmon sashimi coz I'm pregnant. Hey when you get home you have to cook that for me ha!



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