Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Turks and the Turks Behind Them

Being married to a non-Pinoy has its ups and downs. There are a lot of good and not-so-good laughs about it, some true and not-so-true. Being called "exotic beauty" and being perceived as "nanny" to your own son ranks on top of my mind right now.

In the eyes of my fellow Pinays and Pinoys, I am the lucky one. My exotic beauty has won me a handsome foreigner husband.

Well, I am not complaining that they perceive such. I don't tend to get defensive.

I am lucky. Indeed. Not because he is handsome (well, he is handsome!). Not because foreigner husbands are loaded with moolah (well, not so much!) Not because size matters (well, no comment!)

The Turk

I am lucky because I married a family man. A husband who was brought up by principled men who value hard work and integrity the most. His grandfather, uncles and father set the best example for him to treat women like how they deserve to be treated - up there in the pedestal (while doing house chores) and waiting for them to bring the bread with bacon (or just plain bread) - figure of speech of course.

this machine is older than me and my husband - the source of life - hard work and perseverance pays!
the machine, the grandfather, the grandson and the daughter-in-law

4 generations of Turks including Kerim

And my husband is all that - responsible, family man, hard working with high integrity. Our family could not go wrong with these values.

Oh yes, my exotic beauty is very lucky.

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