Friday, January 21, 2011

Dining Out in Doha: Sushi

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We have come to almost end of the first month of the new year and the Turknoys are almost settled back in Doha. Being an expat family has definitely its pros and cons - but we are inclined to enjoy more the pros and don't mind the cons.

Since we got back from Istanbul, this is the second time we ate out. We enjoyed scrumptious brunch buffet  at a Japanese restaurant, Sushiminto.Talk about getting fat-ter for Mommy! Well, the kids enjoyed the variety of foods they have tried in the restaurant  and definitely enjoyed the sushi and sashimi - Kylie and Tito Raynard's first attempt to eat sushi with wasabi. I want to say they loved it - but I have to agree with their reactions that the new taste takes a lot of getting used to.


Kylie's reaction after the sushi and wasabi - priceless!

A much more priceless photo (although, I can't rotate properly) - Tito Raynard's reaction after a Maki!

Kerim also took his shot at using chopsticks. Not bad for a first time user. He was really concentrating too hard to get the food into his mouth using the chopsticks. Good job, Kerim!

Kerim and his chopsticks

Mommy setting an example. They have to love sushi!

I have always love Japanese food the moment I tasted them. I suffered both during my pregnancies as I can't eat anything raw, which includes sushi (duh!) I had to settle for tempura which had to do.

Loving Sushi - Picture taken 2005

On the way to the restaurant, Kylie was excited to have another adventure and was rambling that we should go to Japan for our next adventure. Well, Cihangir would love that - he has special connection to Japan anyways (trivia alert:His  ex-girlfriend is Japanese)

The restaurant was crowded. We were even asked if we were reservation - luckily, there was an available table. The food is good, the ambiance is good but it doesn't feel Japanese resto at all. We get to know that all the chefs are Filipinos as well as most of the staff. Explains the Pinoy leche flan and fruit salad.

Value for money is so-so though. We spent around 120USD. Uugghh. Will we try it again - maybe not. Bento box  will give more value to our money. But who knows, probably when I get am about to get pregnant again so I am all set not to have sushi for a year or so.

Family Picture before Daddy goes to work! ;) 

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