Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: Arirang Korean Restaurant

We were craving some sushi so off we went to Arirang. We didn't realize that they changed their management and along with this, their menu! BUMMER!

The Arirang Restaurant (Al Saad) used to be mixed Japanese and Korean dishes. They used to have these bento boxes that are so reasonably priced. But gone are those bento boxes. Arirang restaurant now offers exclusive Korean food.

The good side of this, they provide authentic Korean dishes (almost, based on our opinion!) But to be honest, the place is really pricey.

They still provide  the appetizers in small plates. But not dessert - shame. Service is good but as we have said, really expensive place to eat out.

It's a good thing that we were not really hungry that time, we managed to order snack dishes only.

We did however, enjoy the Korean things while eating.

decor at the restaurant

gotta love these cute faces!

Korean galore

appetizers for free! 

KIMCHI - yummy!

our little boy enjoying the Kimchi - he really likes spicy food! 
Kimchi and Beef Pancake! - satisfied my craving

Now we are searching for bento boxes Japanese food. Hope there are other restaurants in Doha offering these delectable dishes. 

If you like Korean food, you can try this restaurant. You'll enjoy it but be prepared to spend a little more. 

Keep exploring!

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