Friday, March 2, 2012

Kids Book in Doha: Daisy-Head Mayzie

Another fantastic book by Dr. Seuss: Daisy-Head Mayzie (Classic Seuss) !

Daisy Head Mayzie

It's Dr. Seuss birth month and we are very excited to celebrate. Starting with something recent, hence this book. This book was published after Dr. Seuss's death and a lot have reviewed that this is not a typical Dr. Seuss. And we have to agree, the rhymes, illustrations and the linking up of "lessons" within the story are sub-standard from previous Dr. Seuss' books.

The lessons though are direct, although introduced very suddenly at the end of the book:

"But what is money without friends?
A dream had led her far astray.
That was the price she had to pay."

For us, the lesson of the book is about fame and fortune versus family and friends. It is a sudden shift in the book because it was never established in the book that Maize has lots of friends and how she considers her parents.

Even Kylie noted that the umbrella in the cover is not part of the story and that the Cat in the Hat doesn't look like part of the narration of the story.

Well, not our favorite but we could live with the lesson. We'll consider family and friends in our dream and ambitions! After all, the ultimate goal is happiness!

Watch out for more Dr. Seuss books we love!

Keep reading!

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