Thursday, March 29, 2012

Passion of Christ (The Movie)

To kick off the weekend, we watched Passion of Christ, The Movie.

It's that time of the year when we commemorate God's love for humanity through Jesus Christ. We are planning activities for kids during Easter. But it needs to be deeper than mere celebrating the Holy Week. It has to be more meaningful.

As Turknoy family is mixed religion with one faith (it's not that complicated - Turknoy's Theology 101), it's always good to be understand and re-learn the concept beyond our Catholic Christian belief.

Today, we watched The Passion of Christ  to get our mood for Holy Week. (Click for the movie link.)

I was asked by my husband what I did after watching the movie for the first time. Well, I went to Boracay for the summer vacation back in 2006. I know - shallow. But isn't that what Filipino community to during Holy Week - vacay time!  It's way different than how we reacted after watching this today. He's actually studying the life of Jesus right now.

I must admit, watching the movie again can make anyone appreciate Christianity. Tears never fail to fall when watching this movie. It's  a very vivid illustration of what Jesus suffered to save us. Everybody with an open heart would sympathize how God loved the world.

Another thing that made a huge impact on me while watching the movie now is how strong Virgin Mary's heart was. I can sympathize now that I am a mother. Seeing her beloved son suffer must be so heart-breaking. She is indeed holy and deserves all the devotion of the Christian community.

Celebrating Holy Week in Doha is different as it is not celebrated at all. There will be Easter activities for kids but we are hoping that this year, will be able to impart to the kids the real meaning of Easter.

How are you preparing for Holy Week?

Keep exploring!

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