Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mother's Day in Doha 2012

my two adorable kids almost three years ago!

Mother's Day in the Gulf is celebrated on 21st March every year. This means, tomorrow is Mother's Day in this part of the world. It is celebrated this day because scientifically, it is the first day of spring. Mothers make everyone's days bring and colorful - hence the timing!

Hotels, restaurants and malls are celebrating all over town offering special discounts and promotions over Doha. Lots of things to do to treat mothers.

Although I don't really feel celebrating. I have been down with flu for the past three days, no thanks to the sand storm and dust storm which made my already low immune system lower. Never felt this sick this.

It's true - we only appreciate what's important when its missing. What I would give to feel healthy and normal again. Okay, it's not a life threatening sickness but to have clogged nose, vomiting here and there, back pains, insomnia, no appetite  -  it's like the worse feeling.

I thank God everyday for my mother, what a blessing she is for our family. How I feel so grateful also for my mom-in-law for raising such a perfect son and husband. And how humbled I am to be given an opportunity  to raise two three adorable, smart and witty kids. I am a very blessed mother and daughter. Everything is perfect.

my two adorable angels  six months ago!

All I want this Mother's Day is health. For me, my family members and for all. It is what really matters most. REALLY!

Now, International Mothers' Day this coming May may be a different point of view. ;)

Happy Mother's Day!

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