Thursday, March 15, 2012

Exploring Doha: Mathaf - Arab Museum of Modern Art

We've been hearing about the Mathaf - Arab Museum of Modern Art for quite some time now from friends and colleagues, not to mention from huge, gigantic, enormous (sorry, practicing the adjective for big!) billboards all across Doha.  So finally, we went there and check our the museum which opened last December.

The kids had fun climbing on the artistic rocks by the entrance of the museum. Although, I don't think this is allowed. The Turk enjoyed the refreshing art collections also by the entrance of the museum.

And it's obvious that we I don't know a hoot about art, so here goes the photo blog. Who knows, maybe someday, the kids will want to explain the art behind these photo series. Somebody help them please as it is really pretty obvious that they can't extract any art sense from their parents.

by the entrance of Mathaf Museum

posing by the rock!

so who's cuter? me or the rock? ;) 

this man bumped into the wall and got cemented! cool!

and the turknoys investigate the scene!

love this!

and this!

love the design of the cafeteria also! artistic.. ;) 

discussing about art? 

rock? LOL - that's all i can say, really. 

having his own version of art interpretation!
Come visit the museum and have fun looking at some art and please do share your interpretation because we know that ours kinda suck - a lot.

And we're with you, this blog couldn't possibly get worse.

Keep exploring!

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