Friday, March 30, 2012

Grand Hyatt Doha - The Grill

I had six consecutive lunches last week at The Grill - Grand Hyatt Doha. The last day was last Thursday where the Turks joined me for the lunch finale.

Their lunch buffet is like "salad bar and dessert table with no selection of grilled menu!" to use my husband's verbatim review.

I must admit The Grill's food selection is not good at all. There really is not much variety. Although, one lunch day was so good - i think it was grilled tuna. Their rotisserie is medium rare so if I wanted a well done, they would grill it for me and always ended up "burned" well.

The salad bar is good though. The dessert is blah.

However, I was told that they do offer brunch with great variety of food. Although, I really really doubt it.   I would rather go again to Marriot for brunch.

The customer service is also lousy. Attendants are either untrained or rude. 5/6 days was really bad customer service. I didn't bother complaining but some of my colleagues really gave an earful to the not-so-sympathetic manager.

Hope they improve, they are Grand Hyatt after all. (words from a visitor I had conversation with!)

Anyways, we had fun exploring the hotel! It was a great Thursday.

all hungry! 
he's happy eating toasted bread. haha

no choice but his toasted bread

a very shallow pool - haha!

by the beach!

summer is on!


by the lobby!

Keep exploring!

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