Friday, March 16, 2012

Maktaba and Mathaf Reading Circles

Another great way to encourage kids how to read is to make them appreciate arts. We went to Mathaf - Arab Museum of Modern Art to join the Maktaba and Mathaf Reading Circle.

Maktaba will be the first Arabic/ English children's library in Doha, Qatar. To say that our Turknoy family is excited about the opening of the library is an understatement. Now, when will they open, we are wondering and waiting! 

For the mean time, we are attending the reading circle to be held in Mathaf Museum every week. 

It was actually the first time for  Kerim to attend a book reading session with another facilitator other than his mommy! We usually have our book reading in the park and at home but it's always me who's reading to the group. He was asking a lot of questions to the facilitator and kept disturbing her from reading the story. He was asking question - "What is that?!" and pointing to the animals and telling the children what those were. Awesome for a my 2.5 year old book lover!

Kylie, on the other hand, created an awesome book cover and participated a lot during the book reading. It was a great experience to be part of the reading circle.

preparing his book cover! 

now on to the text of the book cover!

our little girl presenting her awesome book cover about the birds!

Our little boy asking a lot - A LOT - of questions during book reading

How I wish we could participate in more of these sessions. These sessions aim to encourage families to think about links between stories and arts. Hence,  the art about kids' book cover. It's an awesome idea indeed. Art and book reading. 

Keep exploring!

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