Thursday, March 8, 2012

Playtime is Learning Time! Sorting

Fun, Free, Fabulous Kids Activities: Sorting! 

I was gently reminded by a conversation last night about the importance of nurturing imagination rather than focusing on gaining knowledge; creativity over intellect. Growing up in a culture where intellectual people where adored so much, it's hard to shift the focus on nurturing kids' imagination and creativity.

I have recently taught our little one how to count from one to ten and it became a big deal for the family. It might be important but (and I say this with no expertise at all) learning the abstract of numbers is more important. Who cares if my kids can memorize books about arts and history but don't understand each concept and can't think nor imagine other future possibilities in reality? It will be such a shame.

Hence, I am joining Playtime is Learning Time! To remind myself (and my husband!) that we need to create a playful and fun environment at home for the kids.

Starting off with the easy one we have done eon years ago! Sorting cereals! To teach kids different colors and group them together.

Preschooler loves to sort! and apparently even Aunties too!

Then: our three year old Turknoy
We'll definitely try to LEARN HOW TO PLAY better!

Keep exploring!

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  1. If i'm going to have my own bulilits, I hope this blog will still be available nyahahah! Nice Ate Leng. And Kylie is really pretty.


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