Saturday, March 31, 2012

Caffeine-Free, Sugar-Free Coca Cola!

Cravings have been pouring in. After the Magnum Ice Cream , I was craving for Coca Cola which is really weird because I have been Coke-sober since my first pregnancy.

So, off my husband search for the caffeine-free, sugar-free coca cola in Doha. He literally braved the sand storm, rain and traffic to get this for almost 3USD. And he bought 1 can only. He made sure I don't indulge munch.

The experience? - It's pretty much drinking aspartame only - that carcinogenic substance in diet drinks. I was better off drinking sparkling water.

caffeine-free, sugar-free cola - available in Megamart Doha! blahh

Well, at least the husband shares the hard work in every pregnancy. I think now I was only craving to torture him. Ha - I love him very much so!

Keep exploring!

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