Saturday, July 9, 2011

Color It By Numbers

We recently discovered Color It By Numbers. It is a great application and indeed a great kick off for our summer vacation 2011 activities. 

Color It By Numbers is an application for Mac, Windows and Linux where you color in pictures according to numbers. The program intends to help children learn numbers while having fun.

Program features:
-three coloring modes
-easy to change preset colors
-cute and exciting images
-beautiful effects
-adapted for all screen resolutions
-the picture is automatically saved after exiting the program
-music and sounds

As well as being in English, the program has been translated into German, Spanish, French and Russian.

More information can be found at:

Video tour at:

We have tried the three applications of color it by numbers: Princesses, Animals and Vehicles. Kylie got addicted minutes after seeing the Princesses. She finished the coloring in one hour or so. Day after that, she finished the animals and day after, she then finished the vehicles.

sample page of "Princesses"

Our favorite shades of color!

trying on the animals! 

love the different color combination

on happy princess 

sample page in VEHICLE 

Those were three good days away from her iPad and three good days of no scattered coloring pages in the house everywhere -  that's saving a lot of papers and saving trees! Awesome!

The great thing about applications is that we can do it over and over again! There is an option of NOT coloring it by numbers. So after she mastered the color combinations for each page, she can try explore her own color combinations for the colors.

Overall, it is an innovative way to teach kids numbers and colors and to keep them occupied while being productive at learning.


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Keep exploring!

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