Saturday, July 9, 2011

Doha Summer: Cafe Ceramique Summer Camp 2011

Cafe Ceramique Summer Camp 2011 is another great kick off for our summer vacation 2011 activities. We just concluded our three-day camp with Cafe Ceramique and we got so addicted with activities.

July 7,8, 9 is the Week 4 of the Summer Camp 2011.  In three days, we had ceramic workshops (which means lots of take home goodies!), cooking (which means lots of foods to eat!), barista's concoction (which means lots of drinks!), games, prizes and new friends for Kylie.

For the first day, Kylie and Kerim had so much fun already, we were persuaded to sign up for three days availing of the 10% discount. Cool!

Kylie and Kerim all set to do something fun and creative! Of course in red shade!

Kerim already hard at work for Mommy's Office Mug! 
first ceramic workshop
love this! awesome job Turknoy! 

Kerim hard at work again! 
Phewww - that was just day 1 and of course, at the end of activities, there's games and prizes for the kids.

newspaper dance
It's turning out to a great summer 2011 already! Day 2 activities coming up!

Keep exploring!

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