Friday, July 22, 2011

Doha Summer: Pizza Express Fun!

Off we went to have some Pizza Express fun and bonding with friends.

Doha summer vacation is never dull for the Turnoy kids. There is always things to do if we brave the heat and ride to mall and walk from parking space to inside the mall!

After enjoying Cafe Ceramique Summer Camp , we scheduled bonding with our Pinoy best friends and enjoyed making pizza at Pizza Express. It's not really a summer camp but it offers kids activity of making pizza all year round. This activity plus good friends make it a great learning experience to make a pizza! We had made pizza and eat it too! Awesome!

Anyone who orders pizza kids meal at Pizza Express gets to prepare the pizza. For a prize of QR25, this activity is worth a try for Doha kids stuck in summer heat. Mommys (and Dads too, of course!) can relax and catch up on stories while kids are busy. Plus the Tiramisu and Pizza Sauce are to die for. Of course the pizza of different flavors are fabulous as well.

Even our almost two-year old Kerim had his share of fun, too!

As far as I know, Pizza Express branches are Villagio (our favorite - right in front of the food court)l, City Centre ( 3rd floor across the Cinema) and Landmark (close to Marks and Spencer.)

Plus plus points: Awesome Pinoy staff!

kids preparing the pizza dough

Our Kylie enjoying pizza toppings!

Our Kerim enjoying his first experience in pizza dough!

Keep exploring!

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