Friday, July 15, 2011

Evil Eye

Have you ever heard of evil eye? Wikipedia defines evil eye as the look that is believed by many cultures to be able to cause injury or bad luck for the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike. In the Pinoy culture, the closest I could think of that is similar to evil eye is "bati" or maybe "kulam" but the latter is closer to witchcraft which is not evil eye.

Cihangir's example is a great illustration of what evil eye is: When he was young, almost everyone complemented  his oh-so-gorgeous eyes! Whenever people see him, they would say "you have such a beautiful eye" or "I wish I have angelic eyes like you!" As a consequence, his eyes got a bad vision at such an early age. So you see, those people who gave complement, doesn't particularly mean harm to him, it just came naturally to be envious of good thing or good fortune.

If it is "bati" in Pinoy, to repel that is to swipe a sliver (!) of saliva to the target of evil eye - okay, say it with me with disgust -- EEEOOWWWW!!! I must confess, however, that it comes naturally to me that every time the kids get so much complement from Filipino friends, I would automatically request for them for the salivation (for lack of better words!) ritual. HAHAHA!

Turkish and majority of Middle Eastern culture believe in repelling the evil eye but EVIL EYE! In Turkey they call this "NAZAR." These are usually ornaments which can be hang to protect people or object from bad luck  or evil eye.

Nazar could also be bracelets, beads and lots of accessories for protection.

DOES IT WORK? Well, like any other superstition, it depends on your belief system. For us, Turknoys, we do believe it works. See our blog badge? The first photo is that of evil eye so that our blog is not susceptible to evil eyes online.

Our first car already running on almost 70,000 kilometers only for 3 years but we never had an accident with our lucky car. We always hang evil eye in this car! Who knows!

If you are prone to bad luck, who knows, the evil eye is causing this and could be repelled by simply bringing  Nazar everywhere you go.

evil eye most of the times are combined with elephant and horse shoe design for MORE good luck!

this is evil eye also but religious in nature 

Here comes the marketing part - if you want to get good quality, authentic evil eye - stay tuned in our FACEBOOK Page. We aim to make this world bad-luck free by providing cheap evil eyes from Turkey. 

Who knows, this is all you need. 

Keep the faith!

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