Thursday, July 28, 2011

Doha Summer: Home made Pizza and Orange Juice

Home made Pizza during Doha Summer? Awesome!

Okay, admittedly, Doha Summer entails staying indoors 100%. Kids enjoyed mall, eating out and kids activities but it would be very hard on the budget. Hence, the home made pizza activity. with fresh orange juice!

As much as we had enjoyed the Pizza Express activity, we had to stay home sometimes and get the kids occupied. It is a perfect combination of cooking with kids, learning through play and messy play plus we could eat the output!

Here's the step-by-step (almost) illustration of what we enjoyed doing one fine Doha summer dinner!

of course we took the very quick way to make pizza! we got semi-baked pizza dough already.

mushroom and pepperoni flavored pizza! Available in all supermarkets in Doha! 

all set for some quick cooking! 

ingredient cost less than 50QR all in all! a delicious dinner already.

spreading the pizza sauce

little hands at work!

spearding some more...hoopsie... 

almost done!

the big kid almost done with the cheese 

Kylie's work

mushroom pizza

someone really liked pepperoni - yeah, I think pepperonis are a bit big for the pizza dough

pepperoni and mushroom

mommy had to go with pan de pizza since we had leftover pandesal 

orange juice prepared by Kylie also

yummy fresh orange juice while waiting for pizza to bake 

ding ding! done! 


pan de pizza 

halfway done eating 

I can imagine ourselves doing this over and over again especially when teaching the kids about fractions. Ha!

Keep exploring!

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