Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Qatar Airways Inflight Customer Service

Istanbul to Doha QR 481, 23 July 2011, 1930 – 2330

In this particular flight, Qatar Airways sucked balls! THE LOUSIEST FLIGHT EVER! The crew was so terrible – a perfect mixture of NOT five-star service: snob and lazy!
Okay, my sister unluckily booked the worst seat ever – that seat where crew smartly divides their service? Yeah, we were assigned to be the last row of seats to be served despite being in the middle of the economy class seats.

First , during distribution of warm towels, we were not given any towels – we were by passed!
Second, we were the last (sooooo last!) to be served with food! Hunger pains.
Third, we again were neglected to be served tea or coffee.

I could have let it go. Whining to two attendants about these three instances so that they would serve us tea, they finally did serve us tea after ten minutes of waiting. I was happy with a sip of tea, after all, tea supposedly relaxes the body.

BUT, the attendant, who was supposed to give us tea (yeah, that one who forgot to serve us tea) had the nerve to argue with us.

Lousy attendant: Are you that ones who were not served tea? I asked you and you said no.

Me: NO, you didn’t.

Lousy attendant: Yes, I did.

Me: NO, you didn’t.

Lousy attendant: Yes, I did.

Me: NO, you didn’t. (OMG, was she actually trained to suck at customer service?!)

Me again: No, you didn’t. You even left the help light (or whatever, you lousy attendant call it) so I thought you ran out of tea and the light would remind you to serve us tea.

Okay, at this point, my tea got cold already, so much for relaxation!

My sister: You were busy with the kid, remember.

Lousy attendant: OH, that one, I was busy with the kid.

At that point, the other attendant, the lazy one got a cue to “defend” herself:

Lazy attendant: And as for that towel, you were sleeping that’s why we didn’t give you.

(For the record, we were not sleeping and I even asked her again to give me the warm towel – which of course she never did!)

At this point, I am not relaxed anymore.

So I blurted out:

“Okay, you guys are giving perfect service and we are the non-important customers. “

No word from them – as if they said to me, “ you are so right, non-important customer!” And they ran off, smirking to each other. And of course, they give us a funny look every time they pass by our row.

Not even fake apologies whatsoever. Maybe this is an SOP in five-star service.

And I used to be a Gold Privilege Card Holder of Qatar Airways.

Nice job, attendants, for reminding me why I don’t fly with Qatar Airways as often.

Keep exploring!

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