Monday, July 11, 2011

Doha Summer: Cafe Ceramique Summer Camp 2011

Day 3 of  Cafe Ceramique Summer Camp 2011 during Doha Summer is another awesome day!
It is supposedly Saturday Barista Day and Craft!

  • Barista's Concoction: Mixed and Match Junior Cocktail
  • Artisan's Craft: Ceramic Minis & Beach Bandana Bag 

he poses like this at all times! his version of cute pose

all set for Day 3 

always early bird

Kerim's already at work!

barista time!

good job ate barista! Kerim loved it! 
The kids spent lots of time eating they ran out of time for the craft. But it's a very simple way to create bandana beach bag. I'll write about that soon.

Keep exploring!

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