Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Evil Eye For Sale in Doha


Oh Yeah! we have described what Evil Eye is in our previous post! Well, if you want to shoo away bad luck and welcome good luck, these decorative evil eyes are perfect for houses and cars. At the very least, these are good to look at and good complement to your houses' interior designs.

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Here are the items we have sold so far and currently in stock. Hurry - these are limited offer only in Doha!

seriously, we make sure that our car has evil eye every time we travel. With increasing accidents in Doha road, it is better to believe in superstitions - this evil eye is handy for all types of cars!

evil eyes are known to shooo away bad luck and evil curses due to "envy"

Turkish people hang all sorts of evil eye designs in their houses, cars, offices, bags - basically everywhere!

shooing away bad luck PLUS welcoming good luck!! - IT REALLY WORKS!

another one believed to bring luck is horse shoe! add on the evil eye, you are sure to get whatever you want in life! (the rest of action is up to you of course!)

If you think that is BS, then at the very least, this is a perfect house decor!
It really won't hurt to get one of these evil eyes!

Keep exploring!

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