Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top Ten Dr. Seuss Ipad Applications!

We love Dr. Seuss! Who doesn't? We love our iPad! Who won't? We love LOVE Dr. Seuss iPad applications!

First of all, yes, I, the working Mommy is guilty. Guilty this time of buying my kids gift hoping to replace the time and attention I could have been giving them if I am not working. I am trying desperately to justify that this is educational and so-worth the money.

Ipad is worth the money. With the free applications alone, we could easily get our money's worth.

Since Turknoy family values book so much - off we explore the iPad applications and found a real treasure in Oceanhouse Media applications especially all of Dr. Seuss books.

So joining the Top Ten Tuesday for the second time,  here are ten of our most-est favorite Dr. Seuss books: Click the link for description of the application.

10. How The Grinch Stole Christmas:  Well, despite not being in Christmas season, the kids enjoyed the omBook being highly interactive. Now, we are planning to watch the movie. They are yet to see the movie.

9.  Horton Hears a Who?  Choosing the movie over this application - as we love Jim Carrey's voice as Horton. The Horton from this omBook is a bit dull but just the same - the story has timeless lessons to impart to kids.

8. I Can Read With My Eyes Shut : This is a highly recommended books for early readers. It convinces them that reading is good for them.

7.  Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?  We definitely had lots of fun making sounds and funny noises!

6.  Gertrude McFuzz: Oh the lesson of not being vain is effectively learned. Too much beauty won't make us fly higher! ;)

5.  Yertle the Turtle; Since we have a stuffed toy pet Myrtle, then kids were able to relate with Yertle being the leader of all Turtles.

4.  Happy Birthday To You!  If our family has an official "mantra", it would be everyday is a celebration - hence, exploring this application made us value making everyday a celebration, especially during birthday!

3. Oh The Thinks You Can Think!  Yes - keep imaging and realizing dreams!

2.  The Sneetches : We loved the book and the application because it teaches us to be fair how we treat our people different from us. Well, we are a global family - and we meet lots of people from different background, culture and status. We need to "naturally" treat people with fairness and without judgement.

1. Oh The Places You'll Go! - Our all time favorite! Kind of consistent with our "Keep exploring" theme  in this blog.

We highly recommended getting a family iPad to be able to enjoy all these applications. Cihangir bought one set of Dr. Seuss books from Amazon which costed us 30 USD plus shipping costs. That's only five books. These applications cost on average 3 USD. Not to mention the interaction and the features. And in our case, space of maintaining books is no longer a problem - these applications are mobile!

Keep exploring!

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