Monday, May 21, 2012

School Fair and Evil Eye Bazaar in Doha

It's never too early to teach entrepreneurship to kids. Entrepreneurship, by definition, is the act of being an entrepreneur or "one who undertakes innovations to transform something into economic goods. After all, we should teach kids how to survive in life and one can't survive without having the ability to have "money." We might not be giving the kids such thorough lesson just yet but just the same, we are all enjoying and saving money, if not earning for the things we sell in the bazaar we participate.

This fair is our 3rd in Kylie's school and so far the best! The first school fair came as a big shock for my wallet. I was surprised by how much cost could sum up with all the activities and at QR10 per activity!   The second school fair, last year, was less costly, more vanity. Kylie joined the modeling contest and didn't win.  It gave her a valuable lesson too. The courage to face her fear of the audience and judges and being actually "judged" through her wit and physical appearance. As much as it was interesting , it's something that we decided not to push any further. Unless she decides later on.

And this school fair, instead of spending money, we actually earn money break even the cost. Kylie get herself a henna which is something she always like. This time she had a proud face telling everyone that she earned the money she used for henna. And we even had spare to buy us fast food dinner.

And hoops, if you are still looking for Turkish Evil Eye, we still have some stocks left. Not so many designs to choose from anymore though. Do contact us through our contact form.

The Turk and the Princess manning the table and discussing prices in front of customers (HA!) 
our entrepreneur princess!

she actually sold a lot of evil eyes to her classmates! She's Ms. Chatterbox alright. 


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