Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: The Opera Cafe

Another breakfast dining out! This time it's not McDonald's Breakfast. Didn't even realize that The Opera offers breakfast until 12NN at The Mall. Now we know. If we are looking for a quieter breakfast (aka- no kids!), The Opera Cafe breakfast is a nice alternative place.

Although, not fancy breakfast, and the cost is almost the same as McDonald's, although much much healthier with lots of choices - American, French and Mediterranean breakfast, they have the selection. Not to mention fresh juices and free basket of bread.

The Opera Cafe is on 2nd floor of gives a good view of The Mall shops. The shops are still closed during breakfast timing so we had fun looking at the wide space with no shoppers. It's refreshing for early morning. Weird, we know.

Now, if  we would bring the kids here, it would be kids running around and up and down the stairs for sure. NOT!

the turk is happy with his cheese selection! 

toast and fries for breakfast

fresh strawberry juice

It's the simple things in Doha that gives as joy such as a quiet breakfast with husband. Priceless.

Keep exploring!

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