Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Turkish Meatball: Kemal Pasha Meatball (Plus Kemal Pasha Dessert)

The best meatball in Turkey is from Bursa! Bursa, 2-hour drive from Istanbul, is famous for this "Kemal Pasha" meatballs (obviously named after Turkey's most iconic leader  - Mustafa Kemal.) It has a unique taste - marinated with the best spices and sauces.

There are hundreds of meatball shops on highway of Istanbul-Izmir. Most of these shops goes way back like 40 years (goodness)! The cooks are usually and the cooks the owner and are very professional on meatball and other local tastes like Kemal Pasha dessert. Ahhh Kemal Pasha dessert is simply divine. This is served with sherbet and topped with nuts. Like the country's history, this dessert is well know for over a hundred years!

We have tasted this glorious meat and dessert last summer, summer of 2011 and we have experienced taste bud sensations like no other. It's really so good, you will forget your name. Really! Okay, it might be an exaggeration but it really is worth a 2-hour drive just to taste Kemal Pasha meatballs!

It was an awesome experience!

we went to one of the meatball shops in Bursa - Meshur!

fresh bread and fresh salad - a little taste of heaven before the actual heaven! 


one serving of Kemal Pasha meatball! 

the happiness on the Turk's face is priceless! Obviously, he loved the meatball! 

Okay, she loves the meatball too, she's just being silly! 

Kemal Pasha dessert - BLISS! 

For now, we'll just drool on these photos and maybe get to taste them again next year. 

Afiyet Olsun!

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