Monday, May 7, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: The Noodle House

The restaurant is very difficult to miss - it's right by the entrance of City Centre and in front of the Hippopotamus Steak House.  We tried this place like eons ago and didn't come back since then. It was a good experience but the place is definitely not kids-friendly. 

The kids enjoy the sizzling ice cream though. But that's about it. There is really nothing special about the food. It was all about the ambiance and its strategic location. There's also nothing special about the customer service - it was ordinary if not bad. 

Learning to use his chopsticks! 

taking a second look 

so how to I use this again? 

her Asian look and her Asian grin/ sarcasm - Where is the food?

He loved his noodles!

yummy but expensive

Yummy Corn Soup - there was that authentic Chinese taste!


There has to be other places in Doha with good Chinese food for fine dining. We'll keep looking. 

Keep exploring!

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