Monday, May 7, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: Attila's Mongolian

We consider Attila's Mongolian the most "classy" food in Doha mall food courts. We still find this place so convenient every time we get stuck in malls starving. There is Attila's Restaurant in Villagio Mall and City Centre. We just love to choose our food - vegetables, meat, seafood, noodles and spices - and watch the staff cook it for us. The kids love to hit the gong at Villagio Mall food court. 

Although I must admit that it is not really the same Mongolian back home in Asian. But living in Doha for a half a decade, we are in terms to accept this Attila's Mongolian Grill a close second to the real thing! 

While waiting for his food to cook!

the Turknoys love Asian food - duh!


Keep exploring! 

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