Monday, May 28, 2012

Fun City

It's that time of the year again when kids restless at home. Summer time here in Doha is needless to say, challenging to keep the kids busy. With their tons of energy, hyper-kids are really a big concern to deal with during the heat.

During the Home Centre sale, we tried the Fun City play area. We left the kids in the area and we were not satisfied at all with the place. First of all, there is only one attendant and some kids are crying already with no one attending to them. We were only away for 15 minutes and the kids were already upset. Since we already paid for the entire hour, we decided to hang out with the kids inside the play area. The kids didn't enjoy the area one bit. We tried to go to the place where there are balls in the second level of the play area but the place is totally wobbly and unsafe. Well, at least for me.

I am wondering who these play areas are maintained or inspected for safety purposes. God forbids, these place could break down when kids are playing here. Goodness, please not.

this is a good slide but it tends to be a bit crowded especially during summer!

the not so happy Turknoys!

who checks the safety of these play areas I wonder? 


we would have enjoyed if Mommy was not too concern about the place breaking down on us. 

This is a nice alternative to play areas. Station cars - no need to use token. Safety guaranteed.

there is such thing as free ride! ;) 

I suppose we should explore other things to do during summer. Reading is always an option.

Keep exploring!

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