Friday, May 25, 2012

Story Time at School World

Turknoys just love Story Time. And we are always fortunate enough to find lots of story time activities. This time, we found a Story Time activity at School World in Parco Mall.  This mall is located close to Salwa Road and very close to D-Ring so it was accessible for us.

And what a great story time it had been not to mention what a find the bookstore, School World, is. There are lots of great book titles which are very difficult to find here in Doha. A must-visit for all kids book lover in Doha.

We story time session is so fantastic we are already looking forward to the second session. It's the free things in life... ;)

early bird - can't wait for the story time session to start, he started already on his own!

he's so at home, love the books and can't stop reading!

some of the books read during Story Time!

someone is impatient for the story time to start! ready, set..... go!

funny guy, he knows the book already so he decided to get his own book while listening to the story time!

Kerim definitely spend a very productive day during the Story Time at School World.

Keep exploring!

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