Monday, May 7, 2012

Giggles Nursery

Giggles Nursery Doha! This is Kerim's first Nursery and how he loved the place!  It seems not so long ago but actually it was already almost one and half  years since then. He stayed in the nursery for almost twelve hours everyday back in 2011. 

If only the place is accessible for us now. The place is pricey, like any other nursery in Doha but it was all worth it. The staff all love children - which is really important if you are working in the place full of children. The management values cleanliness a lot - which is again really really important for children. 

We are considering summer school for Kerim in preparation for his Pre-school for September and if Giggles is close to where we live and work, we would again consider the nursery. 

Here are some photos of the Turknoys enjoying the facilities in Giggles Nursery

it's a small world!

Sigh - it is always fun to be nostalgic. The kids have grown way too much already since then.

Keep exploring!

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