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Toddlers Books in Doha

We love the good old traditional books especially for toddlers. There is something about actually feeling the pages of the books, turning these pages and trying to destroy the book that appeals to us. It's fun. But of course, we love also our iPad applications of Young Readers. They are also handy and mobile.

For the past months, we have read hundreds (well, almost!) of books and here are some of our favorites.

Who Do You Love? : A Touch and Feel Book - This is indeed a must have or must read book to toddlers. We love it so much especially the part where we feel the next bear. We simply can't get enough of this book.

Who Do You Love: A Touch and Feel Book 

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type: Do you want to teach your toddler how to handle "dispute resolution" or simply what a typewriter is? This book is perfect for these two things. Here is a  very good review from Amazon. This book is definitely worth checking out.

Click, Clack, Moo recently won the Caldecott award, and is very deserving of that honor. I enthusiastically endorse it for your children aged from 2 through 6. This book will be considered a classic children's tale within five years.
Many great children's books start from the point of view of role reversals. You take objects or animals and make them be like humans. But no one could have developed a funnier idea along those lines than having typing cows who lead a general strike on a farm.
"Farmer Brown has a problem. His cows like to type."
"All day long he hears. Click, clack, moo. Click, clack, moo. Clickety clack, moo."
"At first, he couldn't believe his ears."
But it gets worse. One day he receives a typewritten note that says:
"Dear Farmer Brown,
The barn is very cold at night. We'd like some electric blankets.
The Cows"
Farmer Brown makes the mistake of treating the cows like cows. He tells them, "No way." They type up a note and put it on the barn door. "Sorry. We're closed. No milk today."
The next day, another note appeared.
"Dear Farmer Brown,
The hens are cold too. They'd like electric blankets.
The Cows"
The negotiations continue toward a hilarious conclusion.

Each of these letters to Farmer Brown cannot help but inspire gales of uncontrollable laughter among your tykesters. The ending may actually cause laughter-induced pain because it is so hilarious.
The illustrations are particularly appealing. Ms. Lewin has drawn them to be large in features, vivid, bold, and colorful. They make the story more intense by capturing both a sense of movement and the personality of the characters. This is one of the best illustrated stories I have ever seen for preschoolers. That is important, because the illustrations carry a heavy burden as you first read this story to your child. No one has ever seen a typing cow, so the illustrations help fill in the gaps. Naturally, you will see opportunities to handle side issues like "how would a cow type, if a cow could type?"
Interestingly, Ms. Cronin is an attorney who also collects antique typewriters. Anyone who has ever been part of a labor negotiation will quickly recognize the universal truths around which she has structured this delightful story. I suspect that she has been part of one or two.
After you and your child become familiar with the story, I suggest that you think together about what is the right thing to do with regard to animals who do not send you typewritten letters. It is never too early for children to learn about each person's responsibility to live in harmony with our fellow creatures and to properly care for them.
May you always be clear about what you are looking for! Who knows? You may even get it.


No More Eee-orrh!: Donkey says EEE-ORRH, says our adorable Kerim. And we read this book for more than gazillion times. Here's the book description from Amazon.

Patient: Dicky Donkey. 
Symptoms: No more Eee-orrh! 
Treatment: 1. Mule Gruel. 2. Bray Spray. 3. Donkey Tonic. Notes: What can we do to make this donkey better? Dicky Donkey drives everyone crazy! Each morning, they wake up to "EEE-ORRH!" Then one day, Dicky opens his mouth and nothing comes out. He's lost his Eee-orrh! Poor Dicky Donkey! In the meantime, the neighbors realize how much they miss Dicky's Eee-orrh. How will they wake up in the morning? How Dicky finally gets his Eee-orrh back is endearingly recounted by Lydia Monks, whose paint-and-collage illustrations pop off the page.


Fish Finds A Home (Sparkle Books) It's never too early to teach kids how to care for the environment. As much as this book is so cute and sparkly, it also has something to say about the environmental management.


There are lots more books to be posted here so please stay tuned. If you are interested to get these books, go shop at Amazon. They deliver to Doha.

Keep exploring!

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