Monday, May 21, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: Fuddruckers

Supposedly the world's greatest burger according to their brand so off we went to visit Fuddruckers at Al Dafna. Hitting two birds with one  stone we are also trying to give our family visitors in Doha a new dining experience.

We love Applebees a lot and frequent the place a lot as well but we are looking for something new. So we are hoping that Fuddruckers will give us the new experience we are looking for. We were already disappointed twice with Bennigans which is very close to Fuddruckers.

And did we like the place? We definitely enjoyed hanging out there. However, I find the place unkept and dirty for a restaurant. They don't seem to have proper maintenance for the place. The kids area is available with very dirty carpet, I didn't allow the kids to take off their shoes.

The meal experience, however, is good, to say the least. Once we order a meal for us, we also get ourselves bottomless cola, make our own salad (eat all you can too at that!) and we get to choose the size of burger we want.

A bit sad, but this is a new experience for our family and family visitors. It's not that sad though. We had fun that night! The customer service is way better than Bennigans (we prefer the customer service at Applebees though.)

Here are our photos:

the grandma and our little boy!

the play area 

fresh salad bar

Make-your-own salad 

the auntie and our little boy - and yeah, we love their kids meal!

we ordered budget meal! LOL, cheapo!

another budget meal - hotdog! HAHA!

The freshest Burgers in Town??  I think I tasted better burgers somewhere in Doha! 

My Chimichanga  - which is actually quite delectable! 

Our youngest sister with her full meal!

I think this is burger steak! 

Eat all you can fresh salad and fresh burger, we are definitely coming back!

Keep exploring!

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