Saturday, August 4, 2012

Villagio Mall Opening Again!

Have you heard the almost-news/ rumor about Villagio Mall opening again? Apparently, they will be opening again on 15th August just before Eid holidays. It is a  great news for people who opted to say in Doha after the Ramadan.

If indeed they will be opening again, then this is a great Doha Event for the season. I sincerely hope that they build some sort of memorial for the people, especially the children, who died during the Villagio fire. I, however, can't help to be excited about the re-opening of the Villagio for several reasons. First of these reasons are the employment of lots of employees eagerly waiting for the re-opening of the mall. Lots of the people I know don't get compensated since there is no work. That blows big time for all the expat, moreso for our OFW kabayans. Secondly, Villagio mall is without a doubt, a cure for boredom for a lot of people. The window shopping alone will be a cure to lots of homesickness of many.

I have experienced a pre-Villagio Mall time in Doha (OH GOD, HAS IT BEEN THAT LONG!) and life is simply not the same without the mall especially for us who can't have a membership in hotels and who can't even afford Mozaic TV (we don't have one at home!) For all new comers in Doha, we always bring them to Villagio so in effect the mall is a Doha landmark for some of us.

sister Carmina's first place to visit in Doha is Villagio! 

gondolania ride for kids with newbies in Qatar is always something we look forward to

we are missing this landmark in Doha! 

of course, missing the idea of buying some high end products 

more like dreaming to buy some high end products like Gucci! 

I hope the Villagio mall opens but of course, there will always be thoughts on people who suffered and died because of the fire. I just sincerely hope that there are lessons that were learned and mistakes that were corrected so that similar incidents will not be experienced anymore.

That being said, I hope Villagio Mall opens on 15th August 2012.

Keep exploring!

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