Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another Haircut in Doha for Turknoy Kid!

Another haircut for kids in Doha! Previously, we shaved our little boy's head and now our little princess wanted to cut her hair short much to our refusal. She reiterated that it's her hair and she can do anything with it. She was right, it was her hair. And she loved her decision - it turned out great haircut to her perception. Talk about boosting the kid's morale to make her own decision. Oh boy!

This time we went for Planet of Beauty close to The Mall. Yes, the name is really close to Planet of the Apes! Yet again, there were lots of Filipino talents and one of a kind service so we were entirely satisfied. It was also way cheaper compared to other kids salon in Doha !

Now, Mommy is wishing a haircut for myself!

Her long hair - her last haircut was three years ago!

getting prep for her hair cut!

with the Filipina hair stylist - awesome!

five star service haircut!

and her hair was cut and she was happy!

final touches!

and she's off!
Keep exploring!

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