Sunday, August 5, 2012

Garangao 2012: The Festival of Children

This year, the Turnoys participated in the Garangao celebration. Garangao, also known as The Festival of Children,  is special to the Gulf Region  and is celebrated on the 14th day of Ramadan (half way through the Ramadan season.) Over the years, the festival has gained more popularity with several expatriates joining the celebrations.

The other night, the Turnoys paraded in the mall and in school with Qatari traditional clothes and received lots of sweets and nuts. It felt like Halloween trick and treats. Sugar high galore plus goin' nuts (literally!) It feels so good to experience a local Qatari tradition for kids.

Preparing for Garangao - candies and nuts overload! 

K1 in her traditional Qatari dress 

so happy she got her goodie bag! 

K2 in his traditional Arab Toube  
Sheikh Kerim 

shy Arab-wannabe boy!

so am I suppose to get the candies in this toube? 

The candies!! 
It's always an educational experience to participate in the tradition of the country where we currently live in. The lessons, the fun in experience. It's awesome to be part of someone else's culture. It makes the kids appreciate diversity and uniqueness at the same time.

We simply love cultures all over! It's a blessing to have a taste of lots of worlds!

Keep exploring!

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  1. That is wonderful that you made an effort to participate in a local tradition for children - and what fun for them! (They are adorable, by the way!) I have never heard of this festival before, so thanks for sharing on the Culture Swapper! Great blog!


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