Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Best Iftar in Doha: Cosmo Restaurant, Millennium Hotel

Everybody has great raves about the Cosmo Restaurant, Ramadan or not. So far, I have heard three recommendations of "The Best Iftar in Doha" and it is all Cosmo Restaurant at Millennium Hotel.

It seems that the only hotel I go to if I'm not in the office, is Millennium Hotel. In other words, the 10-kg gain in my body weight is caused by Cosmo Restaurant.

But during Ramadan, this is really a must-visit for all those who are fasting. The food is really superbly delicious. A lot of variety but the local cuisines is really to die for.

For those not fasting, it's also a mist-try. I have not met anyone who tried the buffet in Cosmo Restaurant and didn't like it.

I definitely like it a lot and plan to bring the entire family here sometime.

Ramadan Kareem at Cosmo Restaurant!

The Ramadan Tent 

The huge variety of spices and nuts!

A colleague enjoying one of the lunches before the Ramadan!

Keep exploring!

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