Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kids Birthday Party in Doha: Chowking

The Turknoy kids recently participated in a kids birthday party in Doha, Pinoy style, held in Chowking.  Everybody met new friends and tried to participate in the parties activities. One of the sad thing in Doha during parties is that there are not enough kids during KIDS birthday party. During this party, the kids were only the Turknoys and the birthday celebrant. It was a chance of the adults to be kids once again. I just can't say that the kids had enough fun.

As for birthday celebration in Chowking, it was once again proven that it is a good place for a simple birthday celebration with friends - Pinoy style.

Since it was Ramadan, the party was done nightime and the kids stayed way past their bedtime. They didn't turn cranky though. I think they enjoyed all the attention from adults.

Turknoys and Dad with the party host and birthday celebrant

all masked up for the parteee

TOOT TOOOTT - I think they were sorry that the kids were given the noise maker hahaha

with the celebrant

Dad joined one of the games - he needed to "Toilet Roll" his partner 

he won the game! wooohooo!

kids watching the musical newspaper game  
this couple won! awesome!

and the auntie and the princess were sleeping at the end of the party. 

Here's us hoping to get to experience more kids birthday parties with lots of kids! ;)

Keep exploring!


  1. Party seems interesting for kids, there are plenty of good ideas i saw :)

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