Monday, August 6, 2012

Dining Out in Doha: The Noodle House

We had a blast eating out during the Garangao 2012! Since we are teaching the kids how to appreciate other culture, why not indulge in the Chinese culture by enjoying their dishes and learning how to use chopsticks? It was another awesome experience. Just check out the photos of the Turknoys enjoying the dinner. Fabulous!

he loved the spiral pen; enjoyed the kids pack in the restaurant!

dressed as an Arab boy enjoying his dumpling selection!

using chopsticks for the first time with rice!

he's getting really pro at using chopsticks!

giving a go at my lamb curry! 

Now dressed as an Arab lady enjoying the Udon noodles!

love the use of chopsticks!

chopsticks - YEEHHHAAA!
We had a better dining experience this time than the last one. And the kids definitely enjoyed experiencing Chinese lifestyle - awesome! 

Keep exploring!

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